Tully River Rapid Names

The rapids on the Mighty Tully River have picked up names over the years, made up by the river guides who have this amazing wilderness as their office. Here you’ll find a list of the names, and a little history of where the name came from.

Tully River Rapid Map

Rogies – Canadian ice hockey enforcer called Rogie Legault from Ottowa, this guy left more blood, sweat and tears on the ice than Tanya Harding, however after a good ribbing from Johnny Snyder from the US, guess who fell out? And thus we have our first rapid name.

Confusion Reigns Supreme – junior guides often get confused

Alarm Clock – wake up call

Dogs Leg – the rapid is shaped like a Dogs Leg

Two to Fifteen – takes 2 minutes if rafted well, and 15 minutes if badly

Double Waterfall – 2 steps waterfall

Python Creek – during winter lot of scrub pythons sunning themselves in this area

Pinball Alley – guides who can’t raft hit every rock, guides who can don’t.

Ninja Shute – Because it is very sneaky

Robins Nest – guide’s girlfriend called Robin was left on the rock.

Scales of Justice – run right is heaven, run left is hell in the middle is f#%@ hell

Full Stop Drop – big rock means that you full stop and drop.

Lemon Squeeze – the raft grinds the rock in a tight fit just like squeezing a lemon

Coming Home Sweet Jesus – Top drop, cool name, walk on water if you can

Heroes Hole – only go in if you are hero, avoid unless you have something to prove.

 R Hole – nothing good comes out of this hole.

Castle Rock – big rock that the water goes around, like a fortress.

Room Of Doom – at the bottom a big sieve

Gobblers Trench – you would need to be a Turkey to go in this trench

Killer Falls – Years ago their was an old piece of driftwood stuck in a rock that looked like a Koala so it was known as “Koala Falls”..the driftwood rotted and was washed away and it was changed to Killer falls as a bit of a joke because it’s not too bad

Foreplay – it’s a rapid most guides don’t realize it is. It only lasts 2 minutes.

Wet and Moisty – a good way to finish up after foreplay

Pony Tail Falls – time to wash up before lunch.

Doors of Deception – Names after Aldous Huxley’s book ‘The Doors of Perception’

Cork Screw Rapid – The feature at the bottom has a corkscrew effect on the boat)

Reo Rock – Reo referring to a run where we used to flip off the rock, before flooding over the years changed its shape

Rock Garden Rapid – The first pioneer river guides planted some rocks a long time ago, they’re still doing well.

Pipeline Rapid – Bit of a joke comparing it to the Banzai Pipeline in Hawaii. It is a cool Lava formation which surf’s you along the edge

Lava Flow Rapid – This is a fine example as any on the river of collumars of basalt. A wave train of rapids, good action. A regular for training mock rescues with the swift rescue 3.

Guide’s Revenge – A good time to push people out, also known as .Slippery Dip Rapid

Cardstone Weir – A natural wier formed by lava flows in the distant past

Champagne Falls – Small sparkling waterfall

Helicopter Rapid – how many rotations can you do, I’ve done 8 and the record is 12.

Satan’s Toilet  Bowl – An evil place to get stuck, and doesn’t feel any better when you fall out.

Cool Moon Creek Rapid – Creek of same name comes from the river left, also known as the boundary between the world heritage rainforest and private land holdings.

Double D Cup Rapid – The girl unzipped her lifejacket on a hot day. She fell out at Cool moon and the life jacket was recovered has it floated, the bikini top wasn’t.

Spiny Norman Rapid – Named after the vicious hedgehog from a Monty Python stetch and was as good a name as any

Davine Rapid – The vines. In the early years of the river many vines would dangle in the river at this point on the left. Guides had a chance to fulfill their Tarzan fantasy.

Orchids Rapid – seasonal orchids are found on river left.

Jabba the Hut Rapid – from the star wars saga, this rock resembles the Jabba character

Two Inch Rapid – nicknamed after the trip leader on the day, on a cold day. Very cold day. Shaun Conway. Shaun was trying to impress 6 lovelies on board, he had tried everything from the superhero manual, nothing was working, so he decided to guide the raft from outside the raft, during this rapid his shorts were lost, and the rapid was named after rejoining the raft.

Car Port Rapid –  There was a series of Liana vines on the right-hand side of the river years ago that used to form a little cavern that you would line up the boat and pass through hence the name ‘Carport’

Hundreds Rapid – 100 places to get stuck.

Hundreds Part Two – another 100 places to get stuck.

Kamikaze Rapid – You have to charge the rock on the bottom head on, then reverse spin out to negotiate this rapid.

Flip Wilson Rapid – Dave Wilson flipped twice on this rapid one day. After much laughter from the other guides following the first flip, Dave Wilson had his crew walk back up the rapid and carry the raft to have another turn, only to flip the raft a second time, much to the amusement of all on lookers. His ego was severely dented that day, and a tradition we try to uphold every day.

Sharks Tooth Rapid – The protruding rocks look like a set of shark’s teeth.

Zig Zag Rapid – you go on way then the other way

Yankees Pass – Named  after a group of guys from the States who were the first commercial to run it

Maze Rapid – amazed people can find there way out of here

Coachables Rapid – Coachable creek flows into the Tully at this point, river left.

Dogs Balls Rapid – The name Devil’s Marbles was taken already, and river guides are not the most imaginative with names.

Look Out Rapid – The lookout on the road is above you.

Junction Rapid – The river splits into two halves and joins again.

Sweeper Rapid – Where you collect all the passengers who fell out at Junction rapid.